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This Bamboo Eco Groom range has been developed using bamboo materials. Better for the planet, this Eco range features a range of ergonomic grooming products for pets.


This Bamboo Comb is suitable for all breed and coat types, but it ideal for short to medium hair. Regular combing with this Bamboo Comb keeps medium to long and thick coats free from tangles, knots and matts.


This Bamboo Comb has durable stainless steel round edge pins to protect the skin and has been ergonomically designed with a comfort grip handle. 

Bamboo Comb

  • Directions: Comb in the direction of the hair growth, combing small sections at a time until the coat is tangle free.


    • Eco Groom Bamboo
    • Better for the planet
    • Ideal for short to medeium hair
    • Durable, stainless steel pins
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