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Antos Origin 100% Natural Chew Roots are a longer lasting chew for dogs that is packed with nutrients and non splintering. Handcrafted from the tuber root from a tree, Antos Natural Chew Roots are ethically and sustainably harvested before being air dried, then cleaned and cut to size.


There are 4 sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, to suit any and all size dogs.

Please note, this is a natural product and therefore size, colour and also shape will vary.

Origins Root Chews

    • Long-Lasting Dog Chew
    • Sustainably Sourced
    • Natural and Nutrient Rich
    • Low in Fat
    • Free from Additives, Preservatives and Colourings
    • Suitable for Puppies.
  • Origins Root Chews are sourced from a Spanish tree roots. The root is harvested, then air dried for around a year before being cleaned and then cut to size

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