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Paleo Plus Surf & Turf is a carefully crafted, low-fat and lean Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for dogs. This gourmet delight, derived from whole Atlantic sardines and grass-fed beef is enriched with 5% of our exclusive Berry Good superfood mix for an additional touch of nutritional excellence.



Surf & Turf is a low-fat raw dog food, tailored to meet the needs of pets of all ages. Comprising solely of natural ingredients, this culinary masterpiece is the perfect choice for active dogs.



Elevate your dog’s dining experience. Order Paleo Plus Surf & Turf today to see its transformative benefits.

Paleo Plus Surf & Turf 500g

    • Great for fussy dogs
    • Grain free
    • Low in fat
    • Great For Sensitive Tummies
    • Suitable for Puppies
    • Suitable for Seniors
    • Recyclable Packaging
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