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Power up your recall and slay distractions with the best squeaky dog toy out there!

The irresistible combo of responsibly sourced rabbit fur with a long handle AND a squeaky bite area make this chaser toy a surefire hit!

Tap into your dog’s prey drive with this stimulating dog toy and take your play to new heights.

Fulfil your dog’s natural instincts and use them to power up your training with a squeaky chaser tuggy that’s getting rave reviews. 


Owners report obsessive levels of play and enjoyment from the rabbit fur squeaky chaser, making it the go-to high value reward that’ll drive your dog wild. 


It's made with an extra-long cushioned handle and a motivating real rabbit fur bite area with a long-lasting durable squeaker inside.


The long handle is perfect for encouraging your dog to chase and pounce, grabbing their undivided attention. It also means you can keep the toy moving without needing to bend down. Comfortable for you, endlessly entertaining for your dog.

Rabbit Skin Chaser Tug with Squeaker

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  • What is it about this rabbit fur squeaky chaser that makes it so phenomenal?

    • Tough and durable with a double webbed extra strong cushioned handle
    • Attention-grabbing real rabbit fur with an attractive scent and texture
    • Comfortable play - no bending required (thanks to the super long handle)
    • The squeaker and fur combo is a powerful recall aid for high prey drive dogs
    • Motivating for even reserved or play-shy dogs
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